Legal Issues in Electronic procurement and International transportation
ABSTRACT: E-procurement is becoming a more prospective direction in development of procurement in the private and public sectors. This has been caused by a number of objective reasons related primarily to the ...
page 3 - 26
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Law applicable to international carriage: EU law and international treaties
ABSTRACT: The main source of EU Law regarding law applicable to international carriage is Rome I Regulation of 17 June 2008, replacing the Convention on Law Applicable to Contractual Obligation of 19 June ...
page 27 - 60
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Saving National Airlines?
ABSTRACT: Air transport is considered a unique industry, one which easily connects different locations around the world yet also carries with it a lot of concern over safety, security, protection of national ...
page 61 - 94
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A Carrier’s liability under the contract for international air transportation of passengers and luggage: an analysis of international treaties and applicable domestic law
ABSTRACT: The value of international air transport has increased. Today the airlines in Russia and other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) service a large number of passengers in the ...
page 95 - 110
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Cross-border Vehicle Crime: The European Union Response
ABSTRACT: This work deals with the European Union response to cross-border crime with cross-border implications. In the beginning, it introduces the legal basis for this matter – the Decision 2004/919/EC on ...
page 111 - 128
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Air Transport as a Tool for Regional Development in Central and Eastern EU Countries – the Chances and Challenges of the Public Service Obligation
ABSTRACT: It goes without saying that maintaining connections with remote, secluded areas constitutes a valid reason for public authorities’ involvement. Such intervention is necessary due to the fact that ...
page 129 - 148
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The Impact of CMR on Multimodal Transport
ABSTRACT: International multimodal transport has become more important in recent years and it is hard to find multimodal transport without a road leg. The contract of carriage in international carriage of ...
page 149 - 168
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The CMR Convention, Brussels I Regulation and ‘Empty International Competence’
ABSTRACT: The so-called empty international competence in disputes arising from the international carriage of goods emerges when Article 31(1) of the CMR Convention provides international competence of courts ...
page 169 - 186
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Resolution of Disputes in the International River and Maritime Transport in Arbitration
ABSTRACT: Waterway transport and arbitration proceedings in the area of international waterway transport are regulated by a number of international agreements and conventions, which contain basic rules for ...
page 187 - 210
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International Freight Forwarding Contracts: What to Know when Entering the Contract
ABSTRACT: The present article is an attempt to overview the issues concerned when entering into the contractual relations of international freight forwarding. The freight forwarding industry has changed ...
page 211 - 228
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